International Students

Exchange Students

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  • Short Term or Non-Degree Students
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Regular Students

Application, Acceptance and Enrollment Procedures

Basic Requirements:

  • High School Degree
  • No registration at another higher education institution

According to the regulations determined by the Higher Education Committee, foreign students can make their applications with a certificate of one of the following examinations listed below;

  1. An official SAT1 certifciate with a total score of at least 1000 out of 1600 in the combined "Critical Reading" and "Math Reasoning" tests and at least 550 "Math Reasoning" score
  2. A maximum overall grade of 3 in the ABITUR exam (A maximum overall grade of 2 for Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)
  3. A maximum overall grade of 3 in the MATURA exam (A maximum overall grade of 2 for Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)
  4. TCS (Turks and Related Communities Test) with a score of minimum 60 in the Basic Learning Skills Test. The score of Turkish Test is not taken into consideration in the placement process
  5. A level minimum in 3 subjects from GCE (A level) at least one of which is required to be related to the applied field
  6. Minimum Composite 24 points from ACT ; Math and Science Reasoning parts included
  7. At least an average of 90 points including all subjects Scientific Stream from Tawjihi exam, held in Jordan and Palestine
  8. A minimum 15 grades of diploma average from Scientific Stream part of "Baccalaureat Libanais" examination held in Lebanon
  9. A minimum of 30 grade of diploma average and having an international Bachelor's Degree
  10. For Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering; a score of at least 190, for other programs a score of at least 175 from Al-Shahada- Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) Scientific Stream parts, held in Syria
  11. Minimum 12 grade point average for French Baccalaureate
  12. A minimum score of 540 over 750 from Gaokao exam held in the People's Republic of China
  13. A minimum score of 50 for Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Engineering and a minimum score of 45 for other departments from Indonesia UAN examination
  14. A certificate of central university entrance exam from TQDK examination held in Azerbaijan with a minimum score of 550 over 700 in the related career field applied for

A grade certificate of minimum 2 from each of the 6 subjects or maximum 9 from 6 subjects in total from West African Examination Council (International) Senior School Certificate Examination (WAEC - SSCE) which is held in countries such as Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, etc

Test of Placement for Foreign Students (YÖS) held by Student Election and Placement Center was abolished in the 2010-2012 education period and is no longer valid. However; applications of students who meet the requirements determined by the Higher Education Directorate of Kocaeli University are evaluated and a placement is made taking their SAT1,GCE, ABITUR, etc and Kocaeli University results into consideration

Basic Requirements:

To have either an undergraduate or a master's degree.

The reference letters, grade point average, the courses they have taken during their master's studies or undergraduate studies and other personal documents of master's or doctorate of foreign applicants coming from the countries that have a cultural agreement with Turkey or Turkish and Relative Communities are evaluated by the related main branch directorate and the applicants whose scientific proficiency level is evaluated as satisfying may be accepted to masters programs they applied for

The foreign language for foreign students is Turkish. The foreign applicant who gets the required score from the Turkish Language Exam, prepared by a jury of three who are chosen by the board of chairs of the related institution, deserves the right to continue the masters or doctorate program. The ones who fail the language exam are considered as on leave for one year in order to learn Turkish language. Students who fail the Turkish Language exam within one year's time lose their registry right to masters or doctorate programs

Besides Turkish language examinations, foreign applicants who apply for programs, where the medium of instruction is a foreign language, are given an oral exam in that language as well. The applicants who fail in this exam are given one year's time to improve that language. The applicants who fail the language test in the given time lose the registry right
There is a requirement for ALES (State governed examination for academicians and graduate programs) for foreign students with an undergraduate or master's degree; however there is no requirement for a score of minimum 55.

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