KOU United for Aleppo!

A new campaign has been launched by Kocaeli University Rectorate in cooperation with Red Crescent in order to be able to wrap up the wounds caused by the war in Aleppo and to be a source of hope in the middle of the humanity drama. Cash and aids in kind can be donated for this campaign.

Aleppo has been suffering for months due to the blockade, there are great difficulties in supplying food, clothing and humanitarian goods. Humanitarian aid is the only source for the people of Aleppo; and our Nation is the greatest contributor of help while the world has preferred to close their eyes and shut their ears.

Today, Kocaeli University is on the side of Aleppo to share the love and compassion that comes from the depths of our heart. We are willing to show sensitivity to the sufferings of the oppressed, being united in matters that require human conscience.

We invite all academic and administrative staff and students to support Aleppo.

Support from Kocaeli University to Aleppo, KOU United for Aleppo!

Aleppo Humanitarian Aid Campaign Kızılay Kocaeli Branch Donation Account Number

Ziraat Bank IBAN No: TR77 0001 0001 6300 0018 6855 46 (in Turkish Currency)

Those who donate cash aid are required to write KOU before their names during the transfer.

Materials to be considered as the in kind aid: Food, clothing and stationery supplies, hygiene products

Previously used materials are not accepted.

In Kind Aid Collection Center:

Harun YILMAZ - Tel: 00 90 262 303 38 04

Social Facilities Kardelen Dining Hall (Second Floor of the Directorate of Student Affairs Building) Umuttepe Campus/Kocaeli/ Turkey

Deadline: February 28, 2017